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When looking for a puppy of any kind, it really is buyer beware.  We are basenji breeders in the Midwest  area who are reputable and responsible we provide:

- Health testing beyond just a vet check
- Breed information
- Complete AKC pedigree
- Ongoing advice and support
- Written guarantees of health and temperament

We want you to be educated on what is a responsible breeder  and what you can expect to ask and be asked before one of these puppies goes out of our homes and into your life.  Learn More

We have 50+ years of experience, showing, raising and living with this wonderful little dog. 

We are members of National and/or Regional Basenji Clubs.

We are members of  Area All-Breed Kennel Clubs

We  want to make sure that you don't get STUCK with a basenji puppy from a puppy mill, backyard breeder, commercial kennel, or pet store - with little or no information, support and genetic testing!
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kennels marked with * are planning 2007 litters
MIDWEST reputable, responsible breeders

Faded Rose Basenji
Basenji Club of SE Wisc.
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Basenji Club of America
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Superior WI
.Buffalo MN

  North Branch MN
South Range WI
For information on Basenji Health Issues and answers to frequently asked questions.
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